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image  1 Alex Hormozi - AI - I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about AI
January 5, 2023

AI - I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about AI. I don’t make much of those thoughts public.But I think ChatGPT which just launched 6 days ago, will be a historic date.The first easy to access interface for AI.It crossed 1M users in less than 5 days. Here’s context to how insane that is with other companies...WhatsApp - 2 yearsInstagram - 2 yearsSnapchat - 1 yearFacebook - 10 mosPinterest - 4 monthsCurrent value- $20BHere’s why I don’t think AI is like any other tech innovation and should be treated differently:1. AI can improve itself.
2. Past tech improved a component of human work. AI soon will have the ability to do all work (creative and otherwise) better than humans.
3. Because the RATE of improvement of AI is so much faster than humans, on any time horizon, it will surpass us. It will human better than humans.
4. With advanced robotics getting wild (just look at Boston Dynamics on YT) it will cross into the physical world.
5. As someone who markets for a living, the influence it will have on content will be unmatched. It soon will be able to pump out perfect content when the visual engine collides with the verbal engine.
6. Deep fakes already exist. What happens when AI can create perfect people that say the perfect thing the perfect way. That don’t need to eat sleep get paid etc. It has the potential to dramatically shift the landscape for personal brands. Only fans gals - heads up. AI only fans accounts are coming.
7. That being said, in the short term, trusted brands will be even more important as people will look to trusted resources.
8. In the even shorter term, there’s a fortune to be made selling to people who don’t know how to use it and charging “human rates” for “automated” work.9. To be clear - I try not to be an alarmist. But something powerful enough to do any job a human can, better, concerns me deeply. And as I use this “early” tech, it feels increasingly inevitable. It’s not this version that concerns me. It’s version 100. And that happens in our lifetime. I have a lot more to say. But for now, enjoy these images that a machine created that’s better than most human artists. Again, wild times.
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