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image  1 Alex Hormozi - Happy 30th to my #1 Stunna
December 11, 2022

Happy 30th to my #1 Stunna.(Swipe ➡️ for Alex & Leila thru the ages)I wouldn’t want to ride this ride without you.Thank you...For redefining what “partner” really means.For being there through thick and thin.For always being by my side, shoulder to shoulder, no matter what enemy we face.For saying yes before knowing the circumstances.For always believing before there is evidence.For teaching me what loyalty looks like.For always wanting to grind.For sticking it out through tough times.For wanting to live an epic life.And - For being the most down motherfucker a guy could ever ask for. You’re made of steel. The closer people get to you the more they see you as the glue.The one that holds everything together.I can’t wait to see what the future brings.I can’t wait to see what we build.And even though nothing matters, you matter to me.Happy birthday.Can’t wait to see you on the Forbes self made women’s list. :)
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