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January 17, 2023

COMMENT "🙏🏽" to join me in honoring this great man today!DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. has been MY HERO for many years.I ADMIRE so much about the man because he was a LEADER in breaking down racial barriers, promoting SELF-EMPOWERMENT AND EQUALITY, and preaching LOVE AND UNITY of all mankind.His FEARLESSNESS to openly say these things at a time when many people did not fully embrace him or his messages created an all-too-brief life of UNCOMMON COURAGE.But he did it anyway.His WISDOM is timeless.It remains as IMPORTANT AND INSPIRATIONAL today as it did more than 50 years ago.We are better as a NATION because of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.More importantly...We are better as HUMAN BEINGS because of what he shared and the example he set.His voice was silenced much too soon, but his LEGACY remains.COMMENT "🙏🏽" to join me in honoring his memory today!#MLKJRDAY
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