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April 6, 2023

DANGER: A “Hidden Trick” To GET WHAT YOU WANT..Look at this photo. The man in the hat is HIDING something dangerous....but what he’s hiding holds a KEY to amplifying your influence and power.. The man in the hat was a customer. He came to our event with a special gift..Hiding the gift beneath his sweatshirt, he came on-stage to reveal it..But is it a g*n he’s hiding? Am I in mortal danger? WHAT DID I DO?! 😥You can see Elliott Hulse (red sweatshirt) trying to peek, ready to pounce in case we’re in danger...BUT: The man in the hat is hiding something even more powerful to share with us...It was a Kobe jersey, with my last name CAPITAL printed on the back..And here’s the takeaway for you:Reciprocity is “the impulse to return a favor we’ve received”..For example, you buy your friend a ticket to John Wick 4 before you ask them to pick you up from the airport and ...they’re more likely to say yes because you just gave them the free Wick ticket.But there’s a more powerful form of reciprocity..It’s called Personalized Reciprocity, and it’s when you personalize the gift..He didn’t give me a Kobe jersey - he gave me a Kobe jersey with MY NAME on it..That’s personalized. (Which made it really meaningful for me.)So the rule is simple:Next time you’re going to involve a little reciprocity...How can you put THEIR NAME on it? 🤔For example, I’m going to TOTAL FAIL at this rule right now....I actually have a free gift for you BUT..It doesn’t have your name on it 😔So if you don’t want it, I understand 😆But if you do, it’s my book Screw Jobs and it’s free right now.It’s for people who are burned out at their 9-5 and want to ACTUALLY enjoy their life 🙋♂️🙋♀️ If you haven’t gotten your free instant copy yet, Comment the word "BOOK" 👇 and I’ll have my team DM you a free copy now.
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