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image  1 David Goggins - I wish I could get back to everybody but it would be a full-time job trying to do th
October 1, 2022

I wish I could get back to everybody but it would be a full-time job trying to do that! I believe it’s important that you stay as authentic as you can. We live in a fake-ass world with a lot of fake-ass people talking a lot of bullshit. That’s the big reason why I work for myself. I don’t want anyone telling me how and what to do because usually those people telling me that don’t have the same morals and values that I do. They try to maximize your time and in maximizing your time, they make you unauthentic and disingenuous. They make everyone nameless and faceless. I look at it as a responsibility to real people who are going through real shit and accomplishing real goals. When my schedule allows, there are times when I post on social media and I will respond to 600-700 comments on that post. While I may only say “stay hard,” I read what you are saying and respect what you are saying. For me, my response to a comment offers a way for me to connect with people. A lot of you out there are doing amazing shit and I want to be the one that sees it and acknowledges it! If I repost you on a story and say stay hard or reply to a comment, know that it is me. A few times, I get some trolls on my site talking shit. If I see them, I block and delete them. If my girl see them, she goes to war with them! That said, if you don’t think it is me responding on my social media, fuck you and have a nice day. Stay hard!
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