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image  1 Ed Mylett - Entrepreneur - Everyone needs to EXHALE sooner or later
September 25, 2022

Everyone needs to EXHALE sooner or later.Without rest in our lives, we lose BALANCE and PERSPECTIVE. We become stale in our thoughts and demeanor. Bowing out every now and again is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of being SMART.To get the type of rest that does you the best, you must UNDERSTAND the type of person you are. For example, I’m an INTROVERT, and while I love meeting people, I also need my SOCIAL REST so I can function normally when needed. Every person is different. While you may need to break away from social media every couple of days as part of SENSORY REST, another person may need to go sit on a beach and stare off into the horizon to recharge their CREATIVE and EMOTIONAL batteries.If you LISTEN to what your body and your mind are telling you, you’ll know how much and what kind of rest you need.Then it’s up to you to FOLLOW THROUGH, UNPLUG, AND GUARD THAT TIME ZEALOUSLY.Otherwise, the only rest you may find is you resting in pieces...or worse...resting in peace.WHAT TYPE OF REST ARE GOING TO FOCUS ON THIS WEEKEND? (Tell me in the comments, I'll respond to as many people as I can!)#begoodtoyourself #selfcare #selfcaretips #restandrelaxation #recharge #takecareofyourself #restisproductive
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