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image  1 Ed Mylett - Entrepreneur - You can be a beast and do nothing but work 80 hours a week
October 9, 2022

You can be a beast and do nothing but work 80 hours a week.Some people are ENERGIZED and love what they do so much, that they think they don’t need anything else in their lives.From my personal experience, THEY ARE WRONG.I don’t care who you are, unless you have some hobbies that you pursue regularly, sooner or later, your life becomes unbalanced, and you’ll crash and burn in the ugliest of ways.It’s okay to work hard. But you must also BE KIND TO YOURSELF and find outlets that RELAX you, bring you JOY, and RECHARGE your batteries.Although I’ve always worked long and hard hours, I know now more than ever, that I need that BALANCE in my life, too.I have several hobbies to maintain to do just that.That’s why I golf regularly...Spend time walking and daydreaming on the beach... Listening to music that uplifts and inspires me...Lift weights to improve my health....And read for pleasure and to feed my never-ending curiosity about the nature of life.What hobbies do you have?Do you spend enough time with them?You should.Don’t make them “someday” hobbies.Make them “everyday” hobbies instead.TELL ME YOUR HOBBIES IN THE COMMENTS#hobbiesareimportant #workingoutisfun #sidehustlesuccess #creativehobby #healthyhabitsforall
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