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image  1 Grant Cardone - How to handle haters making false claims about your business
September 5, 2022

How to handle haters making false claims about your business:1) False claims comes with success2) Never respond to click baiters ... 3) 10X your successful actions..All great people, pioneers & disrupters are hated on, criticized, click baited, trolled & dragged. .There is no exception to this rule. If you do anything exceptional this will include you.. .Elon, Jobs, Jesus, Zuckerberg, Gates, King, Kennedy - all hated on, terrorized by false claims, trolled on and four of them assassinated. .Haters & click baiters are like termites, rodents, ticks & fleas. They come with the turf. Houses with termites. Dogs come with fleas. ..Haters lack the ability to create so they hate on those who do. .Keep doing what you’re doing and do 10X more. Keep your hands clean, serve your purpose and they will move on to other targets. ..#haters #clickbait #trolls #falseclaims #success
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