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image  1 Jason Capital - How to ACTUALLY Get Started Making Money Online
January 18, 2023

How to ACTUALLY Get Started Making Money Online.. (3 lessons from a guy who’s sold $75M online) Lesson #1: Don’t start a business, start a SKILL. Before I started making $20K/mo from my dorm room, I was failing college and.. I’d failed to make a single sale my first 6 months online.. -> I’d nearly given up when my mentor Craig told me, “don’t start a business, start a SKILL”.. He was right. I focused on one skill (messages) and.. I made $20,0000 from my Michigan State dorm room the first month. Here’s Lesson #2, it builds on Lesson #1.. (next) Lesson #2: Pick an IN-DEMAND skill. Go where the fish are. You’ll get more bites, I promise. What’s the most in-demand skill right now? Being an IG Agent.. IG Agents DM with leads to book sales appts for online coaches and course sellers. IG Agents never show their face, never have to sell. And -> IG Agents earn a $200-$250 commission every time one of their appts buy. I have over 35 clients waiting for me to place an IG Agent in their account right now.. But here’s the best part: Lesson #3: You should EARN and LEARN at the same time. I would HATE a job where I wasn’t constantly learning and growing... IG Agents get paid while learning how a successful online biz is run from the inside. (You can’t beat that level of access and education.) Here’s what’s required.. Right now I have over 35 clients waiting for me to place an IG Agent with them.. Now I love lazy people fr but I can’t help them.. So you must be motivated and disciplined.. If you are, I’m going to certify more ppl into IG Agents now.. If you’re interested, COMMENT the word “Agent” and I’ll DM you the details now.. Not everyone will get placed in a client account but EVERY GOOD ONE WILL.. (and start earning a full-time income from their phone on day 1) Over 5 million people became millionaires last year.. It’s not too late.. You got this :) -JC
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