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image  1 Jason Capital - If I lost it all, this the ONLY thing I’d do to get to $8K
December 17, 2022

If I lost it all, this the ONLY thing I’d do to get to $8K/mo as soon as possible..⁣⁣Before I started making $20K/mo from my dorm room, I was failing college and..⁣⁣I’d failed to make a single sale my first 6 months online.. ⁣⁣I was on the brink of giving up when my mentor Craig told me, “don’t start a business, start a SKILL”..⁣⁣Thank god I listened to him because..⁣⁣I focused on an in-demand, ONLINE SKILL and.. I made $20,000 from my Michigan State dorm room the first month..⁣⁣Since then, I’ve sold over $75,000,000 of my own stuff online and this is my gospel:⁣⁣If you’re looking to go full-time online, focus on an in-demand, ONLINE SKILL that businesses want..⁣⁣That way, you get paid WHILE you learn how a successful online biz is run from the inside 🏆⁣⁣You’re EARNING and LEARNING at the same time.⁣⁣Being an IG Agent is the most in-demand skill right now. Here’s why..⁣⁣As an IG Agent:⁣⁣* You DM with prospects on behalf of coaches and course sellers, typing simple messages
⁣* You set sales appts for the business owners
⁣* You never have to talk w anyone, just DM’s. 
⁣* You do it from anywhere in the world, so travel is always on the table.
⁣How much do IG Agents make?⁣⁣My avg IG Agent makes $3K-$4K/mo immediately. ⁣⁣The top 25% get promoted to Chat Closer My top Chat Closer made $13.1K last month.⁣⁣Most impt, you’re behind-the-scenes of a successful online business, LEARNING and EARNING..⁣⁣But is it really in-demand? 🤔 ⁣⁣Right now, I have over 100 clients waiting for me to place an IG Agent with them..⁣⁣So I’m going to certify more (motivated) ppl and turn them into IG Agents..⁣⁣⁣If you’re interested, COMMENT the word “IG” and I’ll DM you the details now..⁣⁣⁣Everyone who’s selected gets GUARANTEED placement in a client account... and starts earning a full time income from their phone on day 1.⁣⁣⁣Hurry :)
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