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image  1 Jim Kwik - This is a total geek post
December 1, 2022

This is a total geek post. I loved superheroes as a kid and I love them now. They are flawed figures that inspire us to be better. I still read comics today. With nonfiction we learn through information. With fiction we learn through imagination. Enjoying fiction has been shown to enhance empathy, creativity, EQ and more. Especially excited that today is the release of #BlackAdam - The most unstoppable force on the planet. As you’ll see in the video from the premiere, it took 15 long years to make this movie. Like most things worthwhile it took belief, grit and dedication. Imagine that future you know is possible. Step into it. See it. Feel it. Believe it. Then work daily for it. He’s like the character he plays in the film:Powerful energy Relentless forceIntense purpose When you sit down and watch the movie you will definitely feel it. ⚡️I’m going to watch it again this weekend, anyone else? 👇 (Stay through the credits 🤯)
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