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image  1 Joe Rogan - Today is day 10 of #worldcarnivoremonth and this is mostly what I’m eating
January 11, 2023

Today is day 10 of #worldcarnivoremonth and this is mostly what I’m eating: meat and eggs. I cheated one day and had some sushi, and a couple bites of a salad, but for the most part all I’ve been eating for 10 days is animal based food. The red stuff is which is an awesome small batch hot sauce company out of NYC. we did a collaboration, and released 3 sauces, including one of them that I loved that they did for my friends at If you like real serious heat and flavor check them out, but if you’re into more milder sauces they probably aren’t for you. So far the 10 days have been great on this diet, but there’s a bit of an adjustment period for the first couple weeks where my workouts are a big of a slog. That’s what I’m going though now. Totally manageable, but the adjustment to no carbs takes a couple weeks to get used to. I think I’m going to add in fruit to make that easier.
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