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image  1 Quick shoutout to my Pops
April 3, 2023

Quick shoutout to my Pops.For as long as I’ve know him, he’s never complained about any pain.He won’t say much about pain.From the moment he wakes up, he’s working on something. Fixing something. Building something.The handy man genes weren’t passed down to his son. It skipped a generation since both of my sons are very handy.Other times, he’s Working on a surprise. A gift. A way to make other people’s days better.If he even gets a glimpse that you like something, he’ll make a note, and then suddenly 4 months later you’ll get a surprise gift from him.Having said that, he just had a major surgery this week at 80 years old (he’ll be 81 on the 10th), and if I didnt say anything, no one would know.It was a successful one. He’s in good sprites. My sister and Melva are very good at being there for him during recovery. I’m thankful for them. One thing I’ve learned from him is the old school example of playing hurt. Some people love to advertise their problems. He’s the complete opposite.That’s one of the reasons why he’s my hero!When it comes down to raising men, it’s important to learn the balance of love and building tough leaders.Both is necessary, if you want them to stay close to you, yet know they can make it in any condition.44 years later, I’ve been able to survive in different conditions, yet I want him as close to the family as possible. Love you
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