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March 3, 2022

​@Jessica Stansberry talks about how to go viral on YouTube and 10x your views. Going viral can actually be something you plan for but it takes a LOT of work.

0:00 Intro We went viral
1:20 What does going viral mean?
2:20 If you want to go viral figure out what your audience wants to see
2:45 TubeBuddy click magnet tool power rankings
5:30 Don't focus on YouTube search when trying to go viral
7:00 Look at videos like yours with a similar audience
8:30 Pick the right keywords for you
10:15 TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer
12:20 The second step to go viral pick keywords that work for you
14:00 How to show up in suggested and browse features
14:45 Make sure your thumbnail and title have high CTR
20:00 Once you go viral make more videos from that topic

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