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October 31, 2021

@MrBeast and @Mark Rober have launched a brand new campaign today called #TeamSeas to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of trash from the seas. Please donate today!

To sign up to #TeamSeas:
To buy Merch to Raise Money for #TeamSeas:
MrBeast’s EXCLUSIVE video created just for TubeBuddy:
MrBeast’s #TeamSeas launch video:
#TeamSeas official website:
#TeamSeas official FAQs:

The most important thing that you, your friends, family, and work colleagues can do right now is visit and donate as much as you can to get the ball rolling! Every $1 donated is one less pound of trash in the ocean.

TubeBuddy is just one of the tens of thousands of creators who are publishing #TeamSeas today, Friday, October 29th at 1PM PT. The aim is to dominate YouTube’s trending videos page over the next few hours to bring maximum awareness to every YouTube viewer - and beyond! MrBeast and Mark Rober need to see those donations coming in!
If you published a #TeamSeas video today congratulations, you’ll be inspiring your own community, and helping to make an impact on an international scale. And if you haven’t, there’s still time! The campaign will remain active until January 1st, 2022 so you can still create plenty of content and posts to rally your community.

The oceans are drowning in plastic and the environmental consequences truly are catastrophic so thank you from TubeBuddy, MrBeast, and Mark Rober for all awareness you can bring to #TeamSeas and how much money you can help raise.

Thank you to all of the partcipants!
@Pat Flynn
@Justin Brown - Primal Video
@Vanessa Lau
@Owen Video
@Meredith Marsh
@Nick Nimmin
@Video Creators
@Pat Machadu
@Dan Currier - Creator Fundamentals
@Evan Carmichael
@Dusty Porter
@Roger Wakefield
@Shelly Saves the Day

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