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image  1 Tom Bilyeu - Dont get me wrong
October 26, 2022

Dont get me wrong: Part of marriage IS arguing about dumb shit.Arguing about dumb shit can be fun, but only if you know it’s dumb. A little bit of play keeps a marriage light and happy. It’s a sign that you’re on solid footing when you can joke about leaving the toilet seat up or not, whether pineapple on pizza is a good thing, or if Dave Chappelle or Robin Williams is the funniest comic who ever lived.Dumb, right?Lisa and I chirp at each other about dumb stuff. But the key is, we know when we’re doing it, and that’s when it’s fun. We’ve also been married long enough to know what each other’s hot buttons are and what’s off limits. So, when we’re playing the dumb shit game, we NEVER go there.We also know when to turn off the dumb shit and focus on the IMPORTANT shit.Dumb shit has its place in a marriage.But you’ve gotta know when and where to play the game if you want to find joy and maintain a healthy marriage.#couplegoals #relationshipgoals #relationshipproblems #couplestips #couplestherapy #couplesproblems #relatiobshiptips
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