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image  1 Tom Bilyeu - Feeling stranded
September 24, 2022

Feeling stranded? Check out my FREE workshop "6 steps to get unstuck" Link in bio!It's not too late for you.Want to start a business? You don’t even need to quit your job. Do it nights and weekends. You’ll learn the holes in your strategy really fast and you’ll find out if you like it or not.Want to move to a new city? Make that place your next vacation. Get an Airbnb that matches your actual “live there” price range. See firsthand what it’s like.Not sure if you should have kids? Big brother/sister for someone for a year. You’ll learn more in an hour of engagement than you will from a year of thinking.Stop living in the past, stop living in regret, it's not too late!STOP THINKING AND JUST DO IT!Source:
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