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image  1 Tom Bilyeu - My marriage to #lisabilyeu is my highest priority
September 2, 2022

My marriage to is my highest priority.Why? Because nothing has given me more joy, ever. All the money in the world can’t come close to having someone who lifts you up and pushes you to be better.My wife is my all-time favorite human. She is absolutely ride or die. And together, we have come up with a lot of rules, lessons, tips, and tricks for making your marriage the best thing in your life.Here are 9 of them, but we discuss those, and a lot more on our YouTube channel Relationship Theory. Whether you’re already in a relationship or just want to be ready when the right person comes along, this channel is for you. We’ve got some killer advice, if I do say so myself 😉Watch NOW! Link in my bio
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