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September 21, 2021

How to use the TubeBuddy YouTube Upload Checklist! Often times when we upload a video, we get so excited as creators to publish the video that we forget best practices for optimization so that the videos can be set up for success. We then wonder "why didn't the video perform like it should?".

It's very common to miss steps (hey we've been there too!) so we also want to show you the TubeBuddy opportunity report that you can run AFTER your video has been live for a couple of days to see if there might be something that was missed.

Let know if these upload checklists and the opportunity report would be helpful to you and your video upload process and which YouTube educator checklist is YOUR favorite!

0:00 Intro
0:40 YouTube upload best practices list
1:28 TubeBuddy Upload Checklist
2:25 TubeBuddy mobile app upload checklist
2:40 TubeBuddy Opportunity Finder
3:46 Comment of the day
4:00 When should you run the TubeBuddy opportunity report?
4:38 Audience metrics alerts in TubeBuddy
5:11 What's next weeks video?

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So, what is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that will help you seamlessly manage and optimize your YouTube channel.

The goal is to save you time on YouTube so that you can put that time towards creating more content or spending it with your friends and family.

We will help automate much of your daily workflow such as creating cards and end screens, creating thumbnails, publishing your videos to Facebook, optimizing your video's tags and promoting your latest video.

We hope you give it a try and remember, it's free to install at:

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