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image  1 4 Ways to Make $10,000
February 16, 2023

4 Ways to Make $10,000/Mo This Year(for people that don’t want an office job)Disclaimer first:Picking the wrong model to make money will obliterate your chances of success.And not only the wrong model, but also the wrong strategy.I’ll explain...#1: DropshippingYes, you can make a lot of money with it.But the risk-reward ratio isn’t there (has lots of moving parts and is expensive).Onto the next one... ->#2: SalespersonSelling is one of the best skills out there.However, not everyone’s a natural (way #4 uses sales and doesn’t require talent).Also there are some time limitations with it.#3: YouTuberThis is the sexiest on this list.And also the hardest – takes years and being a creative genius.(the last way to make $10K/mo is my favorite... ->)#4: Typing Instagram MessagesLots of businesses need people to manage their DMs to help them sell more...And in turn are willing to give you a cut.Here’s how to tap into this TODAY:Online Messaging is the skill that made me a millionaire when I was 20.Ever since, I’ve generated $75 MILLION dollars online.So big biz owners come to me:“Jason, help me make more online sales.”The solution I came up with is to take regular guys and gals...Show them how to type Instagram messages that make money...And hook them up with my clients.If you want me to hook you up, comment “AGENT” below.I’ll DM you shortly.Most of the guys and gals start making $3-6K/mo within a month or two.And the best get to $8-12K.This is my fav route to making $10K a month in 2023.Comment “AGENT” if you want in.
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