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image  1 Difficult situations are an INEVITABLE part of being human
April 5, 2023

Difficult situations are an INEVITABLE part of being human. They are PAINFUL. But when they happen, you DO NOT NEED TO SUFFER.It’s essential that you understand the difference.You must ACCEPT PAIN as a part of life. But whether or not you suffer is all up to’s an inside gameThe IRONIC thing about pain is that when you try to hide from it, the pain only becomes worse. As a result, you SUFFER.Instead, when you accept pain as something we all experience, you’re in a much better place to LEARN from it.Do this and you flip your situation and make pain work for you instead of dealing with debilitating suffering that can overwhelm and cripple you.And, when bad things happen, minimize your victim mentality and accept that whatever pain you experience is TEMPORARY.Stop any thoughts of suffering and start asking yourself WHY SOMETHING HAPPENED and how you can grow from it.Never forget...Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is not.Drop a “🙌🏽“ if you are committed to not suffering.#EDMYLETT #OverComeAdversity #GrowingPains
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