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January 2, 2023

Everybody is tied for first place right now!That’s right! 2023 is a brand NEW year and last year’s scoreboard doesn’t count anymore! All of your victories, achievements, and points you scored in the game of life, were on LAST year's scoreboard!Just like at the beginning of a new baseball or football season, everybody is tied for first place.The most successful people understand that last year‘s victories will not produce this year‘s championship!I’m challenging you to STOP living in the past!Starting today, 2023 is a clean slate, and it’s time to make this year your masterpiece. The same is also true for all your failures and hardships. It’s all in the rearview mirror! It’s an old story now.... it is SO 2022!The point that I’m making is YOU are reborn, starting right now! This is a rebirth for you, and 2023 is a chance for you to completely change your life and do something magnificent.If you finished in first place last year and dominated 2022, CONGRATULATIONS, and I hope you celebrated it last year!Now it’s time to kick some tail THIS year.No matter how 2022 was for you, It’s time to write 2023‘s chapter, starting right now...Comment below and Share with me one of your BIGGEST goals for 2023! I want to hear what one of them is, so I can help create content and support you.I will also say a prayer for one of your goals as well.Let’s do this!COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE!!! #MAXOUT#EDMYLETT #ONEMORE
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