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image  1 Mozination – Over the past few weeks, I removed “I have nothing to sell you” from all my social medi
February 4, 2023

MozinationOver the past few weeks, I removed “I have nothing to sell you” from all my social media profiles and 114 YT videos. And no, it’s not because I have some course I’m selling.Reason: I have a book for sale for .99. And even though Amazon takes .66 of the .99 (lol), it’s still factually false.You probably know me well enough by now - language precision matters a lot to me. So, since I technically have something “for sale” I will be removing it.I want to be clear - my intention remains unchanged - I make the vast majority of my wealth from the companies we invest in - and I make this content to attract more 1% companies to invest in while giving to the 99% without an ask.Good news: Without this technicality, it opens me up to provide some of the things y’all have been asking for: some hats and meetups for #mozination without worrying that I am ‘defying’ my core principle of giving.My ask for Mozination: Please don’t refer to me as someone who has “nothing to sell” since it’s not technically true. I just want everyone on the same page.What to expect now: Same as before - as much free content as I can muster to help you scale your businesses...and maybe a few hats :)Keep crushing. Appreciate you all,AlexPS - And of course - if you’ve got a company doing over $3M-$100M in sales and want our help scaling it, go to:
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