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February 7, 2023

Tag the first person who came to mind when you read that ⬆️The MAGIC and the MADNESS are two sides of the same coin.Both are INTENSE EMOTIONS you must contend with as you meet people every day.But unlike flipping a coin where the outcomes aren’t certain, you can control your relationships with others.When you learn how to DISTANCE YOURSELF from the people who bring madness to your life, you open up more POSSIBILITIES to let in those with the magic you want and need to enter into your life. In turn, they will pull the magic out of you.Is this easy?ABSOLUTELY NOT!But it’s necessary if you’re serious about protecting your spirit, and your emotional and physical health.SEARCH for the MAGIC. Look for people who bring the LIGHT to you.And give them your magic in return.SLAY the MADNESS and guard against those who would disrespect you by negatively intruding on your one and only precious life.Dealing with both of these is not a coin toss.These are intentional acts that you fully control.Look for the MAGIC IN OTHERS.And they will help you FIND THE MAGIC IN YOU.#EDMYLETT #MAXOUT #ONEMORE
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