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image  1 YOU can HACK your BRAIN
February 1, 2023

YOU can HACK your BRAIN! Here’s How...Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of your brain that operates as both a FILTER and a PROVER.⁣It filters IN only information that is critically important to you and it filters OUT everything that is not.It also filters in everything you can see, hear, feel and touch that will prove your beliefs to be TRUE and filter out all of the things that will prove you WRONG!⁣Instead of waiting for change to happen in your life, train your RAS to look for it and find it. (for example, training your brain to recognize key activities that are ruining your productivity by writing them down and making a promise to yourself.)Now as it becomes INTENTIONAL, you will train the RAS to find it.⁣⁣Life Changing!⁣⁣YOUR MIND WILL SEEK OUT THE THINGS YOU WANT IT TO FIND. Period.⁣I explain this in my book “#Maxout Your Life“ in detail. (you can get the book by clicking the link in my bio... If you use the code: Maxout .. I'll buy your book for you and it’s free) my gift 🎁 ⁣#MAXOUT
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